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Chicago Real Estate Investors Association

Next Main Meeting:

Chicago Main Meeting (Elmhurst)

Wednesday, May 11th

Main Meeting: 6:30pm SHARP

Waterford Banquets and Conference Center
(933 S. Riverside Drive, Elmhurst, 60126)

The King of Rehabs & Rehabbing Vendor Showcase

The biggest bottleneck in an avid investors career, is the number of rehabs they can do on time on budget at any given time. We are bringing in one of the largest rehabbers we have ever met.  Imagine managing 500 rehabs in a single year. 

Some people might have a hard time counting that high. Dan has built a business where he had 60 -70 rehab projects going at any given time.  At this meeting he will cover the following.

Developing a Detailed Scope of Work
  • Setting up a budget before starting a rehab
  • Understanding Cost Breakdowns for each item when rehabbing
  • Dealing with villages and municipalities.
  • Understanding how to work with subcontractors
  • How and when to pay subcontractors
  • Understanding Risk Management on construction sites
  • Rehabbing differences between high priced neighborhoods vs. challenging areas

Bring a pad of paper and a pencil and get ready to take notes, 

After that we will be doing a vendor showcase, bringing in the areas best of the best when it comes to your needs for rehabbing a property.

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